Bait & fishing tackle

Monthly prize draw

Post your Bank End Fisheries day ticket into the Frenzee Post Bucket in the Farm Shop for a chance to win £50.00 of Bank End Bait or tackle!

Draw takes place at the end of each month, winner chosen at random.

Special offers

Spend £50.00 and get a free 1 rod day ticket. Spend £25.00 and get a half price 1 rod day ticket. Offer excludes sacks of pellets and additional rods.

Bank End Baits

We sell the renowned Skretting coarse pellets (2 / 4 / 6 / 8 & 11mm) and superb Coppens premium coarse pellets (2 / 4 / 6 & 8mm) in 0.8 kg + 2.0 kg bags. Available in the Farm Shop or on the bank, please speak with our bailiffs.

Sacks of both varieties (25kg) are available upon request.


We are stockists for a wide range of Frenzee fishing tackle dedicated to the coarse and matching fishing angler including: terminal tackle, rods, reels, landing nets and accessories.

** 5 for 4 special offer **

The next time you need terminal tackle visit out shop and simply choose 5 Frenzee terminal items and pay for only 4 (cheapest item supplied free). Need to buy more than 5 items? Great, buy 10 and get 2 items free. Buy 15 and get 3 items free… you see where we’re going with this!

Crafty Catcher

Brilliant carp baits that make a real difference to your fishing, the Crafty Catcher brand offers a range of quality baits which are formulated to bring brilliant results yet at affordable prices.

Big Hit Baits

The Big Hit handy packs give the perfect of amount of bait for short sessions or where boilies are used in smaller amounts or as hook baits only.

Peg No.1

A premium match fishing baits using tried and trusted ingredients, including hemp, tigers and partimix, to produce great-value baits that anglers can use successfully all year round.

Ringers Baits

Ringers is a family business run up by Phil Ringer, brother of Steve Ringer who is arguably one of the best commercial match anglers in the UK. Their extensive knowledge gained through match fishing has made them a house hold name in the fishing world.

Castaway PVA

Castaway produce fishing PVA related products at the best possible price, giving unrivalled value for money ensuring the best quality British manufactured PVA products on the market.

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